Backblast 12 /1 – Bragg Isle

12 men braved the frozen tundra to come workout this AM.

During the warm-up run, we were joined by @Red Rider and @Jeremy Florida who was catching up as quickly as possible.

During the warm-up exercises here were fragrant reminders why women are not invited.

In order to stay warm, we kept the warm-up exercises to a minimum (makes sense, right?) and we moseyed over to the Vandy clinic for the main event!

Thang 1: 4 corners with partners.
Start with 5 burpees in the middle then pick a corner with your partner. Always do 5 burpees before leaving the center.
Bear crawl to chosen corner perform 20 of the designated exercises and lunge walk back to center.
Corner 1 – Incline Merkins (on curb)
Corner 2 – Dips (on curb)
Corner 3 – LBC
Corner 4 – monkey humpers
plank in the middle for the 6 when done.

Thang 1.5: 4 corners with different exercises
Repeat above but with crawl bear and backwards lunge as the MOT.
Corner 1 – Decline Merkins (on curb)
Corner 2 – Dips (again)
Corner 3 – Freddie Mercury
Corner 4 – Bobbie Hurley’s

Thang 2: Catch me if(when) you can…
Partner A does 5 merkins then runs to catch partner B who is moseying
continue this until commercial on Pandora at which we did SSHs until they were over.
finish your last catch and return to the middle for plank and 5 more merkins

Returned back to original parking lot and squat hold with “pulse it” for the 6, not “pole sit” as @Scraps thought.
Mosey back to start and that was time.

December 11 – Christmas Parade – see main channel for details
This Saturday is @Toe Jam‘s VQ in Orange (due to his lost bet with Pits)

Prayer Request:
Pray for @Yosef (F3 Boro) who has to give the eulogy at his dad’s funeral this Saturday at 1pm central (There was information somewhere about a live feed). Keep praying for his mom as she’s taking it really bad (as to be expected) and this holiday season without him.

@Birdshot@Grohl@Yosef (F3 Boro)@Pits@Toe Jam@Scraps@Iditarod@DJ Scam@Red Rider@Jeremy Florida@Choo Choo and YHC @Coxswain