Backblast 12/6

13 men enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather to come workout this AM.

During the warm-up, we were joined by @traviscprater who charged us with a 5 burpee debt for his tardiness. Speaking of…the pre-party mile folks were also late, so there may still be unpaid burpees!

As for the warm-up itself, it was uneventful save for starting with Burpees instead of Good Mornings (don’t get complacent!). We also spiced it up with Windmills and Freddy Kreugers.

After the warm-up, YHC decided to check his notes for the Thang.
• _Note 1: Find location that is wet and miserable for @trevkeva — that means no parking garage!_
• _Note 2: ~Leave no man behind~, but leave no man where you find him._
So after a short mosey past the city hall, where some folks got complacent and started to relax, we tightened up our shoelaces for a slightly longer mosey to the bottom of W College St. However, before we got to our initial location, we had to do a few monkeyhumpers for passing vehicles on NW Broad St. while we regrouped. Finally, upon arriving at the bottom of the hill, we did a Dora 1-2-3 (100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats) paired with a sprint to the intersection at the top of the hill.

After the Dora, we moseyed back to the Square, even though the decibel level of the parking garage and its ongoing fire alarm was tempting as a character-building location. Upon arriving at the Square, we proceeded to Rack em and Stack em with 10 burpees, 20 monkeyhumpers, and 30 jump squats — we ran out of time for the 40 flutter kicks, so we instead finished with 5 burpees to pay off @traviscprater’ tardiness debt and then a ring of fire with a high plank interspersed with various forms of merkins.

December 11 – Christmas Parade – see main channel for details

Prayer Request:
Pray for @jessepoarch and his family, specifically his mom, pray for @trevkeva’ and his son’s driving/licensing, and pray for @adamhall1831 who is working on his marriage.

A warm welcome to our FNG, Professor Puddles FKA @vols266. Also, a special welcome back to @tim.purvis1 who was sorely missed as he saved his voice for yelling at his basketball team.

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