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#ao-clay-fortress 8 HIMs showed up in the foggy gloom for my *Virgin Q.* @traviscprater @taylorkedwards @jeremy.hemsworth @bencpt @bryan.e.thompson @brian @chowda

Moseyed twice around the parking lot
Good Mornings, 25 SSHs, Baby Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps, Imperial Walkers and Hill Billie’s.

*The Thang – To the soundtrack of 80s and 90s Aussie Rock*
• Indian Run to the far parking lot
• Partner up and do a Bear Crawl 1-2-3
◦ Partner 1 Bear Crawls and Crawl Bears while Partner 2 starts on 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats.
◦ Keep rotating until complete.
• Mosey back to the parking lot and rifle carry coupons to the water fountains
• Form a *Wheel of Misfortune:*
◦ Set 1 with coupon:
▪︎ Shoulder Press
▪︎ Squats
▪︎ Curls
▪︎ Lat Rows
▪︎ Mosey around play ground
◦ Set 2 without coupon
▪︎ Jump squats
▪︎ Flutter kicks
▪︎ Plank Jacks
▪︎ Crunchy frog
▪︎ Mountain Climbers
• Partner up and do sprints in the parking lot
• Reform the Wheel of Misfortune and:
◦ Burpees
◦ Dips
◦ LBCs
◦ Hand release Merkin
◦ Derkins
◦ Big boy situps
• Mosey back to parking lot to finish with 60secs of Monkey Humpers
• Tax weekend cookout today at @jeremy.hemsworth at 2:30
Prayer Requests
• @bryan.e.thompson who is welcoming a new baby soon.