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#ao-bragg-isle 4-20-23
9 HIMs @trevkeva @jessepoarch @jeremy.florida @hawker.alex @brian @anttrain55 @dcs1009 @tim.purvis1 @taylorkedwards gathered to celebrate YHQ @bencpt’s Birthday with a 1982 themed workout.

• Jog around parking area
• Faced inward
• Face outward
• Politicians
• Toy Soldiers
• Free leg/ hip Loosening steps back to circle as desired
after Q Disclaimer, mission statement and sharing5 Core Principles of F3

YHQ shared his dob was 4-19-82 and current age 41 or 42 depending on rounding practices/errors

• 19(20) Side Straddle Hops
• 10 Good mornings
• 19 LBAC arms forward
• 19 LBAC arms backward
• 19 Willie Mayes Hayes
*The Thang – 1982 Themed Workout with Musical Selections from Top 100 Charts*

We opened with what was, regrettably, the #1 song in my year of my birth to get it out of the way
_*1982 pop Chart #1. Let’s Get Physical – Olivia Newton John*_
• Mosey to first location W. Northfield in front of Vanderbilt Childrens Clinic
• Knees to chest jump every time physical is said
Fortunately the Number 2 Song was much better
_*1982 pop Chart #2. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor*_
• 4 one Arm Mericans
• 19 Lunges easy way
• 82 Bonnie Blair’s
• Shadow box at the end to next loc
• East (back) Side Parking Lot of New Vision
After a 19 count by Mayday we moseyed over to the ball fields.
There was some discussion of the foreboding nature of their youth’s exterior signage/facade
3/4 of the way we switched to slow roll politicians aka Homer Simpsons aka bush backers(Australian meaning was undetermined) to allow for 6’s to catch up.

At the baseball diamond we prepared for three laps around the diamond in staggered groups

YHC looked to the ’82 country charts for further inspiration and selected a running melody followed by some Mtn. music in honor of YHC’s Cumberland Plateau roots
_*1982 Country #73. Born to run – Emmylou Harris / Country #29. Mountain Music – Alabama*_
Baseball diamond
• 10 burpees sprint to 1st
• 10 iron Mike’s sprint to 2nd
• 10Apollo Ono sprint to 3rd
• 10 should tap Mercans
• 1 broad jump burpee slap home plate
• 2 laps of 41 Excercises= 82 exercises
After the 2nd lap we held an outhouse sitter pose similar to Al Gores who incidentally prefers that all, aside from himself, would use an outhouse.
We then did Hillbillies around the baseball diamond and @trevkeva gave us a rather rapid 41 count after all were in

Following Our circuits around the diamond it was time to embark upon an epic journey home striding to the melody of
_*1982 pop Chart #12. Chariots of Fire – Vangelis*_

We took a turn down a dead-end road and paused at the Vacant Cul de Sac to await our fearless 6’s,
Yoseph gave us another 19 count after all our 6s arrived

Prior to embarking across an uncut field to reach our destination, we reflected on our Ms back home
perhaps resting or perhaps already rising to prepare for the day as we continued our journey to the tune of:
_*1982 Country Chart #1. and pop chart #22. Always on my Mind – Willie Nelson*_

We stopped short of our destination to wait on the six and held M slow dance huggers similar to Al Gore’s (although our M’s certainly are not!)
When the song ended we began doing side straddle hops as we waited on our party of Six’ to arrive to the beat of:
_*1982 pop Chart #8. Hurt so good Abs*_
• Once all Pax were in we held a low plank until our time expired and it hurt so good.
Coupons continued to rest where they were initially laid, silently awaiting their masters’ return.

Although we didn’t have time for it, I’d like to highlight the highly underrated in its year:
_*1982 pop Chart#73. Don’t stop believing – Journey*_

2.0s workout this Sunday at Old Fort Park open to all sons and daughters

*Prayer Requests*
@bencpt received a birthday diagnosis and is to discuss with PCP later in the day.
@jeremy.florida praise and continued prayers for 1 month old 2.0
@jeremy.florida Prayers for brother in law’s upcomming marriage
@tim.purvis1 praise for brother being accepted to job we prayed for Tuesday

Thanks to all the friends who came out