Backblast from –

Inaugural F3 Dads for the Boro on 4/23/23 was a hit with 16 in attendance.
Mosey down the driveway
Politician back
Carioca down and back
(Circled up for excercises)
20 SSH
10 Good Mornings
10 Windmills
10 Little Baby Arm Circles forward
10 LBAC backwards
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hill Billy’s

Thang 1
Four corners:
1st- 20 mountain climbers
MOT- Kangaroo hops
2nd- 20 star jumps
MOT- duck walk
3rd- 30 squats
MOT- bear crawls
4th- 40 LBCs
MOT- run

Thang 2
Sharks and minnows
1st-Dads are duck walking
2nd- dads no running
3rd- kids it and dads cherry picking

Different Four Corners as a game
1 PAX in the middle guessing a corner

Snacks and drinks afterwards.

Name-O-rama FNGs
@anttrain55, Grapple, Sir-kicks-a-lot – Elias, Discount Double Check – Hagan
@traviscprater, Roaring fire – Ellis
@mace1699, Miracle Toes – Ada
@trevkeva, Tom Sawyer – Simon
@Fly Prop – Josh (Schock’s BIL) Peay, Knock Out – Nolan, Beans baby – Rella
YHC (@silasgeorge), Artemis, Spider Monkey