Backblast from –

Today was the “ideal date” and yet it was definitely too cold for a light jacket this morning. But once we started moving we didn’t stop until we were SO DONE.

warm up- just try to guess the exercises we did. I dare you!

The Thang: 9 songs. None of them were classic rock because OMG WE OVERDOSE ON THAT STUFF AT F3!!!!

Pax partners came up with an upper body excercise for the chorus, and lower body for the verse. Called out to test of Pax then we all joined in the fun. SSH to keep moving in transitions.

@timdemonbreun thought Mountain Climbers were upper body- but they went nicely with Weezers Africa Kilimanjaro reference so we went with it.

@anttrain55 professed his live for Jonas Bros.

And conspicuously missing was @bencpt who had never heard of Africa before (the song, not the continent).

In the COT, we were joined by a prophet of Sky Q who rolled up on his bicycle in an angry birds costume- quoted Psalm 34, and told us to run FROM AI and run to our families. His name is Tony.

FNG (sort of): Pilgrim. (Somebody get him on here) he’s joined us at Murph Monday- but not an official AO til today.

Playlist and opening reference pics attached for context.