Backblast from –

10 HIMs @traviscprater @jessepoarch @tgarmington @dcs1009 @trey.arrowood @silasgeorge @brian @anttrain55 @tim.purvis1 showed up for @jansenlong0427 birthday blowout and VQ!
• Jog 1/4 of the parking lot
• Shuffle right/left 1/4 of lot
• Politicians 1/4 of lot
• Butt Kicks/Toy Soldiers 1/4 of lot
• 10 Good Mornings
• 10 Imperial Walkers
• 10 Hill Billys
• 10 Arm Circles forward
• 10 Arm Circles backward
• 9 Willie Mayes Hayes (because counting is hard)
After getting sufficiently loose, we moseyed to the blacktop at New Vision23
Once there we ran one suicide (baseline to free throw line and back, to halfcourt and back, to opposite free throw line and back, full court and back)
Then we proceeded to begin an ab-circuit to commemorate 23 years of life :
• 23 crunches
• 23 Jack Knives (V-Ups)
• 23 Heel Touches hard way
• 23 Russian Twists (American Hammers) hard way
• 23 WWII Sit-ups
• 23 Flutter Kicks (hard way)
• 23 Plank-ups (there is no other way than hard way)
Each round of the circuit was bookended with another suicide (wow thats a really violent name that I haven’t thought about till now)
Rinse and repeat 3x