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4 men met for a half-baked workout….and by the end we were all DONE!!!!

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Warmup and then an Indian run to the back parking lot. Fun fact……in the neighborhood of the Washington Commanders, the F3 guys still call it an Indian run.

11’s in the back parking lot. LBCs and Squats.

Mosey back to the tennis courts.

The following is a list of most of the exercises but I don’t remember the order and am missing some as it was kind of made up on the fly. In general it was 10 of an exercise, 20 of another, and 30 of another and we partnered up and one did exercises while the other held a position. Then some different MOTs to the other end of the courts and back.

Hold exercises:
Crunch hold
Squat hold
Al Gore
Calf raises

• Burpees
• Moguls (courtesy of College Park, MD): High plank to low plank and back up, followed by arm extensions, followed by two Nolan Ryans on each side, followed by a Merkin.
• Carolina Dry Docks
• Merkins

• Mountain Climbers
• Iron Mikes

• Monkey Humpers
• LBCs
• Squats
• Karaoke
• Bear Crawl
• Politicians
• Mosey
One round of “make your own excercise” at the end to finish things off.

Prayer requests:
@traviscprater community group dealing with loss of children for some while having hope and sacrifice for children for others at the same time.