Backblast from –

7 pax: @bencpt @tgarmington @anttrain55 @brian @tim.purvis1 @trevkeva and YHC

Warm o rama in the lot waiting for stragglers, and there were none, choosing their warm beds on what was hopefully the last morning of seeing Scraps covered face until Nov 1st (he promised!)

Moses to office parking lot south of the island
Lazy Dora’s: partner up for team goal of 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 squats. The catch is while partner 1 is doing reps, partner 2 is a different but related exercise, and the reps are split evenly.
Switch every 10 merks alternating to plank
Switch every 25 LBCs for 6” leg hold
Switch every 25 squats for squat hold
Low plank for the Six, and 25 shoulder tap cashout

Rise mosey around the lot

3 rounds of Sonic’s workout: running and curling into a ball
P1 runs 80% pace lap around lot, P2 does an ab exercise until relieved. Exercises were crunchy frog, rocky’s, scissor kicks.

Lastly, did a Bearmuda triangle sprint. Short distance, low reps, high pace. Release merkins, half situps, AL Prom dates. 10 reps each, 3 laps.

Mosey/trot back to start

Announcements: 2ndF lunch next Friday, locale TBD. CSAUP at Muletown and Murph coming later in the month.

Prayer requests:
Hoops school principal is retiring, wanting the VP to get it. There has been a prayer meeting with the staff going on this year, and the Lord seems to be doing something with that too.

Also prayers for those impacted by the cyber attack on MMC, and prayers that those impacts are minimal