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7 men showed up for the start of Rock and Grohl week. FNG Chowda (From Boston:notes:) joined us.

Workout and playlist inspired by my NASCAR ride-along which occurred shortly after the workout.

• Laps around the tennis courts. Start in turn (corner) one. 1 MOT and 1 exercise each lap. 40 of the exercise in turn 1, 30 in turn 2, 20 in turn 3, 10 in turn 4.
• Lap 1: Cherry Pickers and Mountain Climbers (hard way)
• Lap 2: Mosey and Merkins
• Lap 3: Lunge walk and SSH
• Took a break from turning left and moved to parking lot for some drag racing/sprints. Started at one end and build to 100% by the roughly the middle and sprint until the end. Down and back twice.
• Returned to tennis courts.
• Lap 4: Politicians and Shoulder taps (easy way)
• Lap 5: Half bear crawl/half mosey and reverse sit ups
• Lap 6: Grapevine and Monkey Humpers
• Lap 7: Mosey and calf raises
• I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar
• Round and Round – Ratt
• The Distance – Cake
• Turnin’ Left – Chickenfoot
• Gasoline – Audioslave
• Life In The Fast Lane – The Eagles
• You Spin Me Round – Dead or Alive
• Run-Around – Blues Traveler
• Red Barchetta – Rush

Announcements: Tax day cookout

Prayer requests (I think I might be forgetting some since I waited a couple days before posting this)
• @traviscprater new job
• @brian safety on the speedway
• @silasgeorge Grandmother and family
• For whoever the fire truck was going to help that passed while we were praying
Day 2 on Tuesday. The workout and the music should be hard.