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12 PAX were in attendance: @silasgeorge @traviscprater @trevkeva @anttrain55 @jeremy.hemsworth @jeffrey.lischka @tgarmington @bencpt @jeremy.florida @mace1699 and YHC.

Welcome to FNG, @Sauceware.

Warm-up laps around the parking lot followed by the regular exercises.

Rifle carry our coupons to the grassy area next to the playground where we left them in row while we moseyed back to the playground.

*The Thang:*
We performed two rounds of a circuit that included:
• Regular/diamond/wide/incline/derkins merkins to failure or minimum of 10.
• Mosey to grass
• 10 x burpee block jump overs
• Murder Bunnies on the soft, luscious, waterery, muddy grass so that no one got injured or broke coupons.
• 10 x Coupon squat thrusters
• Mosey back to the start line then mosey to the club house.
• Partner up -> 20 box jumps while partner did squats, switch.
• 25 Flutter Kicks in cadence
• 50 LBCs
• 25 Dips
Repeat Twice.

Next up was a personal Aussie favorite -> The “Dingo Ate My Baby”.

We circled up and while all the Dingo’s held a squat with arms out to the side, the baby had to Bear/Dingo Crawl in and out the Dingo’s and not be eaten (the aim was not to touch the outstretched arms of the group.

After we rifle carried back to the parking lot it was Time for Mary as the PAX circled up and called out exercises for the last 6 minutes.

We gave thanks for some encouraging news from @trey.arrowood and asked for continued grace. We asked for grace and help as @mace1699 makes a move. We also expressed our gratitude for the warm weather, sunlight, and health.