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A Bobby Dazzler 16 pax this AM for some musical movement: @anttrain55 @natestiltner68 @branrich @tgarmington @dcs1009 @brian @tim.purvis1 @taylorkedwards @traviscprater @hawker.alex @trey.arrowood @jessepoarch @tcoop125 @BlueCoast and YHC.

Welcome to FNG- @Quickbooks

Warm-up: a jaunt around the lot, and then some usual cadence type stretches.


Mosey to corporate parking lot after a pump fake at the benches.

“The Bill Withers, but the Merkins remain.”

Lovely Day was the soundtrack to merkin muscle failure cuz Bill WILL NOT STOP SINGING! SSH for the verse and Merkins for the chorus.

“A real Pain in the Abs”

Rob Base helped us think through the reality of joy and pain in our lives. At that moment- it was mostly pain. Heel touches for the chorus, LBCS, half-ups, Flutter kicks, and Heels to Heaven for the verses.

“Weapon of Mass Destruction?”

No. But it may have felt like it for this non-musical MOT.

5 Werkins, 5 Merkins, 5 Diamonds each followed by 10 steps of the related Bear Crawl. For half the parking lot.

We then moseyed back to the benches to resume our sweaty serenade.

“I like the way you guys move, but not like, like-like- you know?”

An unedited version of the Outkast hit reminded us to respect women as fellow image bearers and to easily change salty language into Sky-Q praises. Hallelujer!!!!

Iron Mikes and Burpees were like two midgets in the back seat rasslin’.

A final mosey back to start had us singing
“We Made it….so why aren’t we stopping”

Star Jumps to celebrate our accomplishment and some other excercise I can’t remember.

“Technically…this is over”

Daft Punks Microsoft Office hit that reminds us how far we’ve come helped us finish with some WWI’s and Hilo plank ups.

FNG’s phone holster (do you shower with that thing on?) and accounting career had us settle on the name “QuickBooks”. (Muddy Puddles a close second. Always the bridesmaid…)

Announcements: F3 Dads on Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Bring some drinks and snack for the kids. Girls and boys allowed but leave those mommas at the house. @silasgeorge has made it abundantly clear he is against women’s fitness.

Prayer requests: @trey.arrowood’s baby. TJ, we’re with you, man! Praying for healing of that Cyst and the Lords equipping of you and your M.

@brian graduated another one. We celebrate with you! He’s getting an Alabama tatoo on his cheek next week for the cash they saved him. Not sure which cheek? Left Behind? (I’ve read the whole series- it’s awful).

@jessepoarch healing for James who was anti- anti- biotic. That’s a double negative! Does that just means he needs biotic? I would suggest getting a second opinion before installing the Robotic appendage. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE BUT DONT ASK ME HOW I KNOW.

Finally, prayers for all us PAX, because @silasgeorge wasn’t there. Which means he could have been in Augusta. Which means we are about to be exercise-shamed as he “challenges” us to be more like the Georgians.

See you Saturday at 6!