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Sunday 5/21/23

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2.0s Seal, Roaring Fire, Artemis, and SpiderMonkey.

Welcome “New Kids”
Stunt Double
Trombone Shorty

Dads and kids – short jog to the other side of the creek.
“F3 stands for fitness fellowship and faith. Kids – why are each important?”
• “To stay healthy”
• “Faith in God is important”
• “cause dads don’t have any friends!!l :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Warm up – I forgot how to count Good Mornings so things started well. :grinning:.

Thang 1 ( 10 x30) try to get 30 reps
• knee to elbow
• Merkins (many dads with kids on their backs :grin:)
• Shoulder taps
Sprint to that tree
• mountain climbers
• heel touches
• some other Ab exercise
Sprint to the other tree
• American hammers
• heel raises
• squats
Sprint to the other tree

Thang 2

Moby “Flower” Burpees on the Sally down

What an honor to be with the kids. My M was there to take some photos (will post them tonight)…she couldn’t say enough about how proud she was of the men leaders in F3. She’s heard me talk about it…and puts up with me getting out of bed at 400am. but to see it at work…and being examples for the kids…she hopes it grows to reach hundreds or more in the community. Couldn’t stop talking about what a great thing it is. :us: :muscle: :pray::skin-tone-2: