Backblast from –

Sorry…..delayed #backblast from Tuesday.

I might miss some (or add some that weren’t there), but here goes.

I think these 13 met in the gloom for some sweating and some Irish music
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Me and the fam are going to Ireland at the end of next week, so the playlist was Irish bands, including: U2, Dropkick Murphys, The Cranberries, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy

Set 1 at the plaza:
3 sets of:
Bear Crawl
20 Merkins
20 Jump Squats
20 LBCs

After that, a little change in the music. Not an Irish band, but since everyone is always after me lucky charms, we did Tree Huggers while Get Lucky (Daft Punk) played and did merkins whenever they said Get Lucky.

Set 2 in the parking lot beneath the plaza:
3 sets of:
5 Burpees
10 Reverse Situps
20 Monkey Humpers

Set 3 after a mosey back to the square:
Continue the following excercises until time ran out:
5 Squats
5 Merkins
5 LBCs
5 Carolina Dry Docks

Announcements: Shirt orders soon. Murph on Memorial Day.
Prayer Requests: All I can remember is that Pits needs a new alternator. Sorry if I missed others.