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Very Delayed Backbkast
Last Saturday!


Hit that HC for attendees I forgot all that came but we had a great group. Brother please forgive me and forgetfulness.

Inspired by Billy Madison’s journey through back through school, this routine involves a running loop and exercise per grade. For best effects, perform routine on school grounds. Begin with a loop (ideally single-file line leader style) to simulate the grade, followed by an exercise with 12 reps as the exam. This concludes 1st grade. Run the loop again, followed by the 1st grade exercise x 12 reps plus a new exercise x 12 reps. This concludes 2nd grade. Continue with the loop and adding an exercise each time until you’ve completed one loop and exercise combo for each of the 12 grades.

1st Grade- Merkin
2nd Grade- Air squats
3rd Grade- LBCS
4th Grade – Dips
5th Grade – Reverse Lunge Easy
6th Grade – Freddie Mercury
7th Grade – incline Merkin
8th Grade – Monkey Humpers
9th Grade – Carolina Dry Docks
10th grade – Iron Mikes- Easy
11th Grade – Flutter Kicks
12th Grade -Burpees

And ceremonial Graduation Walk back to the COT.

Prayers: @trey.arrowood family.
Annoucments: Memorial Day Murph 6 am.