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#ao-the-square Belated backblast from Tues 5/30

Birthday Q from YHC. Light attendance, possibly due to holiday weekend, travel, or Tues was their Mon as far as mornings go.
PAX: @anttrain55 @trevkeva @silasgeorge @jeremy.florida @traviscprater @taylorkedwards and me

Warm-o-rama while waiting for stragglers that never came

Mosey to the Plaza

Sega Genesis workout, with original soundtrack
First we played Streets of Rage, a classic beat-em-up
Using up, down, left and right (like the D-pad) as stations, we did a round of chest work with 5 reps of an excercise before executing a Mofo and running to the next station. Exercises at each station were dips, inclined merks, regular merks, release merks. Repeat working your way around the d-pad until the music ends, about 5 min.

Same thing for round 2, but leg exercises. Box jumps, calf raises, monkey humpers, squat jumps, and instead of a Mofo, you do a knee to the face into a highkick. I think @anttrain55 made a name foe this, but can’t remember it. Repeat to until music ends.

Met in center for boss battle. Smaller arena, more combat. 5 mofos and 5 knee to kick attacks, then either lunge or broad jump to next corner of the square. Did one circuit due to time.

Like all children, we got board of playing a game, and switched it up to Sonic the Hedgehog (mostly 3, but I snuck some Sonic 2 tracks in there)

Sonic runs, jumps, and rolls into a ball. So partnered off, and one person runs counter clockwise in front of the library and through the park(?) and back down to the plaza, which includes some light stairs to jump. The other partner is doing an ab exercise until relieved. Ab exercises change each time the level music changes. We did about 10 stages and cant remember all the exercises.

Lastly came the Final Boss. 2 min All You Have finisher. 5 release merks, maybe 20m sprint, 5 jumpsquats, 20m sprint. Rinse and repeat until final boss music fades, approx 2 min.

Mosey back to square.

I can’t remember any announcements, and I remember us praying for @taylorkedwards’s ex-wife and kids having to figuring out a new living situation, and I know there was one more, but I cannot remember it. I’m sorry! Forgot to do this yesterday