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Wednesday 6/14/23
11 Hims Kicked off our Inaugural workout at the new TBD AO
@trevkeva @albullard28 @ljordan627 @hawker.alex @jeremy.hemsworth and YHC participated in:
A @bencpting Workout

*Energized with:*
Shuffles L/R
Toy Soldier

Had our Disclaimer, Mission Statement, F3 Meaning, and
Good Monring
Don Quixote
Willie Mays Hayes
LBC/BBC forwards backward
@albullard28 walked up and we did some more SSH together

There was lightning in the forecast so we took shelter under the breezway and had our first set.
*Circuit 1: Shockwave Circuit (15ish minutes) 2 times:*
– Performed each exercise for 1 minute, then moved to the next station.
1. Electric Burpees: Perform burpees with an explosive jump at the end.
2. Thunder Planks: Assume a plank position and alternate lifting one arm and the opposite leg simultaneously.
3. Lightning Lunges: Perform alternating lunges with quick, explosive movements.
4. Power Squats: Squat down explosively and jump up with power.
5. Electric Mountain Climbers: Assume a plank position and quickly alternate bringing each knee towards the chest.
*Playlist:* Electric Avenue -Grant, Shock the Monkey 0 Coal Chamber, Thunder, Imagine Dragons, Lightning – The Wanted

*Circuit 2: Lightning Strikes Circuit (15 minutes) 1.5 times:*
– Set up cones or markers in a zigzag pattern.
– Perform the following exercises while moving quickly between the markers.
1. Zigzag Sprints: Sprint between the markers in a zigzag pattern.
2. Static Jumps: Jump in place with explosive power.
3. Thunderclap Push-ups: Perform push-ups, exploding up and clapping hands before landing.
4. Electric Agility Ladder: Mimic an agility ladder by rapidly moving your feet in and out of imaginary ladder rungs.
5. Shockwave Squat Jumps: Squat down, then explode up into a jump, landing softly.
Playlist: , Lightning – The Afters, Lightning Crashes – Live, Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Ended with Alternating Planks, Butteryfly kicks, and leg extensions to the Streetlights App Recitation of Revelation 12

Briefly Covered Luke 10:17-20 Many wonders to get excited about but our celebration is that we’re included and accepted by the supreme Power above.

*Prayer Requests:*
-Praise for @trey.arrowood 2.0 birth and continued prayer for her health.
-Prayer for @redriders M Dr Apr for her back.
-Prayer for youth at @albullard28 and @bencpt’s church Hwy231 CoC and for upcoming VBS