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#ao-the-square 6-27-23
Started with 10, but ended with 11 PAX after FNG-Rambler joined us for a variety of relay races.
Warm-up: the usual
Thang 1: split into 2 teams a mosey to the Truist bank parking lot for relay races. 1st was bear crawl down, run back. Next was lunge walk down run back before moving over one set of spaces and picking up the FNG.
We then crab walked down and learned more PAX are part crustaceans than we thought.
Thang 2: mosey down to the CoC parking lot where conveniently there were tractor tires waiting to be flipped.
1st round was regular flip taking turns. 2nd round was incline merkin on the tire before flipping it. 3rd round was decline merkin with feet on the tire before flipping it.

Then hurry back to the Square for COT.

Heat Locker II will be at Stewarts Creek in August either the 12th or 19th.

PAX: @jeremy.florida @tgarmington @hawker.alex @trevkeva @jessepoarch @anttrain55 @dcs1009 @traviscprater (forgetting one) and YHC @silasgeorge