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#ao-clay-fortress 8 men for a 39th birthday celebration
regular warmup (without @jeremy.hemsworth)
We commemorated the iconic film that debuted 39 years ago in 1984 “Footlose” by listening to the soundtrack.
String of pearls looping back to the Greenway with 39 being the number of the counting
1. Burpee (broken up in sets of 10)
2. Squats
3. Merkins (sets of 10)
4. LBCs
5. Star jumps
6. Shoulder taps
7. Mountain climbers
8. Bobby hurley
9. Peter Parker
10. Box cutter
11. Iron Mike
12. Frog up
13. Hello Dolly (started a 1984 playlist at this point and had “What’s Love Got To Do With It” here)
14. Apollo Ono
15. Box jumps (modified to this because Van Halen’s Jump came on)
16. Started with Crunchy Frogs but changed to Half Sit-ups after moving for bikers
17. Hallelujahs (simulating pull-ups at our future pull-up station near the playground)
18. SSH
Announcements: See new #_announcements channel that @bryan.e.thompson setup for us
Prayer Requests: @bryan.e.thompson’s cousin is in the ICU, @bencpt has his performance review Monday
Moleskin: from the Q-Source: Candor = the ability to not only speak hard truths to others, but able to receive them as well. As leaders, we have to be willing to be corrected by others and not just point out others mistakes.
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