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Wednesday 7-12-23
4 HIMs gathered at our Black Ops site to experience a Fiery workout dubbed: Afterburner
@silasgeorge @jeremy.hemsworth @ljordan627 @bencpt

*Warmup*: @silasgeorge led us in the usual warmup while @bencpt made up his mind whether or not to release the heat.

*Playlist:* Disco Inferno, Burning Heart, We Didn’t Start the Fire, Fire and Rain, Fireflies, Hearts on Fire, Only in America

*The Thing*:
~Fireman’s carry walk~ * Smokie the Bear Crawls down
10 merkins
The Floor is Lava Leaps Back
9 Mercans
Smokie and the Bear Crawls Down
etc.. etc.. til we got to 1 Merkin

We then moseyed over to the broken bricks breeseway for our next workout.

Incendiary Grenade Workout Selection. (two sets)
One HIM selects a workout, lobs it as a grenade and runs a loop around the outer ring while others perform the excercise.

Burnout ( 30 seconds each).x 3 sets
High plank
Al Gore
Low plank
Crab bask (don’t ask)

_Afterburner sprints_
In Afterburner fashion we covered a set of distances at the interval paces set below. Down and Back and off to the COT
Full throttle

*COT:* Briefly recounted the part in Revelation when the biggest baddest army formed up around the beloved City of God and were anticlimatically consumed by fire from heaven. God does the heavy lifting for his side.

We expereinced a rather disjointed Circle of Trust Closehouse from here. I blame mild heat stroke from the flaming atmosphere

*Annoucements:* See the Announcments Page on Slack and also check out the #Announcements Channel on Slack

*Prayer Requests*:
Praise for a good report with Shock’s work review
Mufasa delivering a Word to youth tonight at a Church Gathering. May his words not be heretical or vulgar.

*@ljordan627 moved us from the frying pan to the fire with his proposed alternative MoT from the original plan.