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Warm up + 50SSH
Easy Jog to the Braggs part of Braggs Isle for sets of 30,30,30

Lunges, heel raises, squats + run
LBCs, heels to heaven, Left/right Side ups+ longer run
Freddie mercurys, American hammers, 30sec plank + longest run
30 vups
Mosey to the place that Vand built
7 x 15 Copenhagen w 10 sec countdown
Mosey back to the clinic
3x 50m sprints
10 mercans, 10 wide mercans, 10 ranger mercans to close out

COT – I’ve been reminded through all of my travel this past 6 weeks that being part of the group is one of the most important parts of F3. Like minded men, trying to stay physically strong so that we can serve the Lord, our families, do our best work, and lead in the community… we become like those we spend time with. Grateful for the time this morning. :facepunch: