Backblast from –

*Backblast! Alaska*
*Date:* Tuesday, 08/01/23
*AO*: #ao-the-square
*PAX*: @hawker.alex, @trevkeva, @anttrain55, @taylorkedwards, @branrich, @jeremy.hemsworth, @jessepoarch, @traviscprater, @jeremy.florida, @tgarmington, @tim.purvis1
*FNGs:* 0
*Q*: @brian
*Total*: 12
*Conditions*: Humid. 66
*Warm-Up: Standard Stuff*

*The Thang:*
– Inspired by recent trip to Alaska. Also, my 6 year anniversary with F3.
1. Carry Coupons (logs) to Plaza
2. Indian Bear Crawl – Line up head to toe in plank, guy at the end bear crawls to the front, then the next guy etc. While waiting PAX are doing Merkins. Do this across the plaza once.
3. Circle up with coupons.
4. 30 squats with coupons
5. 20 single arm pick ups with coupons each side
6. 30 shoulder presses with coupons
7. 30 WW2s with coupons to hold legs
8. 20 American Hammers with coupons
9. 100 toe taps/fast feet on coupons
10. 30 lateral jumps (side to side) over coupons
11. 20 decline merkins using coupons
12. 15 Carolina Dry Docks but with feet on coupons
13. 20 kettlebell swings using coupons
14. 30 box jumps using coupons
15. 15 lunges (hard way) using coupons
16. Carry bricks to top of parking deck stairs
17. Swim upstream like the salmon……or…..go down the stairs and back up again while carrying coupons
18. Carry coupons back to Square.
19. One more mosey around the square.

· Heat Locker 2 on August 9th

Prayer Requests
• Teachers going back to school
• @jeremy.florida and family – young’un not taking bottle
• @jansenlong0427 and degree work