Backblast from –

*WARMUP:* the usual parking lot cardio, IC exercises you all know *THE THANG:* skinny dora: 100 ww2’s, 200 mt climbers, 300 lbcs 10 burpee rinse Dip chain of 20 reps, 10 sec rest Calf raise chain of the same pattern Mosey down to far corner of parking lot for recovery Patty cake merkins x20 Lung to first light, 10 jump squats Bear crawl to second light, 15 AL prom dates Crawl bear to third light, 10 iron mikes hard way Lt Dan’s to fourth light, TIME. *MARY:* naw *ANNOUNCEMENTS:* Heat Locker Sat 6am at Stewarts Creek HS. This is our CSAUP!! We have to defend it. *COT:* Prayed for our friend DJ Scam who we haven’t seen in a min, but hope is doing alright. Use the ‘New Backblast’ button to create a new backblast