Backblast from –

#ao-the-square 11 HIMs showed up on the perfect Tuesday morning to celebrate my birthday and get a little workout in to boot. @jeremy.florida @traviscprater @brian @hawker.alex @dcs1009 @trevkeva @anttrain55 @jessepoarch @tim.purvis1 @chowda

Moseyed around the courthouse
don quixotes, daisy pickers, Good mornings, imperial walkers, hillbillies, SSH

*The Thang – 1986 Top 100*
• Party all the time – Monkey humpers, Bobby hurleys
• Burning heart – Merkins, shoulder taps, dips/incline merkins
• Dance on the ceiling – Bulgarian split leg squats, Reverse sit-ups, Freddy mercurys
• You give love a bad name – squats, burpee chorus
• Conga – Indian run, 5 merkins
• Living in America – American hammer, lbc, Overhead Arm clap
• Rock In USA – ww1, ww2
• Danger Zone – SSH, Merkin
• Take my breath away – Mississippi prom dates, Box cutters
• That’s what friends are for – Flutter kicks, high plank
Tax weekend cookout at @jeremy.hemsworth residence
:rotating_light: – After “Take my breath away” we may want to stay away from the plaza for awhile.

*Prayer requests*
@jeremy.florida new baby, !channel praise on ability to workout