Backblast from –

#ao-bragg-isle it was a whopper! 9 HIM to help run our Burger food truck.

After lamenting the significant tardiness of all but 4 PAX, we warmed up with warm up stuff.

The THANG- we all pitched in to make burgers for our food truck.

10 jump squats= bottom or top bun
10 release merkins is quarter pound beef patty
10 burpees is bacon
10 crunchy frogs is cheese
10 derkins is SHREDDED!!!! Lettuce
10 WW1 is tomato

First order- 27 all the way deluxe burgers. Each pax banged out 3. We cut fries (iron mikes) for the 6.

Then we restocked the beef by raising calves and moved on to the music festival.

They played all burger/lunch themed music while we added fries and a shake to the menu (Yeah BABY!!!)

Each order now called out by pax one burger at a time- specify what you like. Also served with fries (20 in cadence flitter kicks) and a shake (25 monkey Humpers)

Finished by adding 50 pickles and toys to our orders. ( pickle pounders and heel touches).

By that time- out of all the buns and toppings- we served nothing but bacon and beef to finish out our time.

Prayer for @jessepoarch wife and mother-in-law to reconcile

Sign up for cookout at @jeremy.hemsworth at the #f3-boro-main page.