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51st Bday Q:

8 joined in the birthday celebration.

@brian, @trevkeva, @trey.arrowood ,@dcs1009, @jessepoarch, @jeremy.florida, @traviscprater, @anttrain55

After warmup, we ran around the parking lot to 4 different stations where we did 51 exercises at each. PAX could decide on their own how many of each exercise they did at each station but it had to add up to 51 of the following station options:

Station 1:
Curls w/coupon
Overhead Press w/coupon

Station 2:
Calf Raises
Iron Mikes (hard)

Station 3:
Reverse Sit-up
American Hammer
WW1 Sit-up

Station 4:
Squat w/coupon
Mountain Climbers

We made it around the parking lot 2.5 times.

Prayer requests for @trey.arrowood’s upcoming tests, @jessepoarch’s mother, the Werner family, for @trevkeva son Micah, and for me (@brian) traveling to Tampa for a horse show starting Saturday morning. I think that got all the prayer requests. Let me know if I missed any.