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6 posted at #ao-clay-fortress for a chilly 20 degree workout. @brian, @jeremy.florida, @silasgeorge, @hawker.alex, @traviscprater, @jeremy.hemsworth

After warmup (where I really wanted to include some ice skating but decided against it), we did a modified indigenous people’s run (front runner sprinted for 5 seconds and then waited for the group to catch up then went to the back) back to the Fortress Rosecrans parking lot. There we started a Dora by pairing up and splitting 100 merkins and running around the parking lot but once we were all done with that, we hopped on the trail and ran to the bridge over Stones River where we paired up again (different partners this time…….and some discussion about upside down pineapples) and split 200 squats while the runners karaoked to the other side of the bridge and moseyed back. Once done with that, we moseyed back to the parking lot where we threw in a little extra (call it the Dora 2.5) and split 30 burpees and running around the parking lot. Different partners again. Then moseyed back to the tennis court parking lot where we swapped partners again and split 300 LBCs and running to the end of the parking lot. Wrapped up with a round of dips, some step ups, and an ab circle.

Announcements: F3 Lebanon launch is Wednesday for those that can make it. There is also talk of a Mt. Juliet group.

• @traviscprater: It will be some time (I think you said around the 13th) before he knows about job interview results, so continued prayers for patience and good things there.
• @jessepoarch: Prayers for his family and their journey (both traveling and emotional journey)
• @mace1699: Moving to Mt. Juliet