Backblast from – jeremy.hemsworth


9 HIMs represented F3 and pulled @silasgeorge’s truck 1.5 miles, while giving out ~500 candy canes and untold business cards.

The truck pulling was a bunch of fun with a lot of looks, oohs and ahhs, and we even had a @jeremy.florida walk-by. @silasgeorge was a great driver who subbed in when our clydesdale/workhorse @anttrain55 tired out. There was a show horse present, but they were seldom seen as the warmth of the truck was hard to escape.

@traviscprater @anttrain55 @bencpt @branrich @dcs1009 @brian @silasgeorge @jessepoarch were all present, along with a few 2.0s. YHC has a terrible memory so the parents of said 2.0s can tag them in thread :thread:.