Backblast from – jeremy.hemsworth

Today we had 9 HIMs take part in getting a “*leg up*” :leg: on their fitness in 2023. I had the pleasure of Q’ing a fantastic group of gentlemen including: @dcs1009 @hawker.alex @brian @jeremy.florida @traviscprater @joseph.kaes @jansenlong0427 and @trevkeva.

After a brief warm-up lap and exercises (SSH, Good Mornings, Windmills, Imperial walkers, hillbillies), we grabbed our coupons and placed them near the shelter. From there, we crossed the shelter to the short walls for some fun.

*Thang 1*
Aiken Legs (2x)
• 20 squats
• 20 box jumps
• 20 lunges
• 20 step ups
• 20 Bulgarian single leg squats
To keep the burn going, we then moved back to the other side of the shelter to try out howling monkeys where we conducted a monkey humper ring of fire. After we were sufficiently warmed up, we moved on to the next thang.

*Thang 2*
Bear Crawl 1-2-3 (partner exercise w/coupon)
• 100 Merkins
• 200 LBCs
• 300 Squats
• Interspersed with one partner bear crawling (moving their coupon at the same time)
Once we finished up the 1-2-3, we realized we did howling monkeys incorrectly, so we had to do it the right way with 3 rings of 10 monkey humpers each. @jeremy.florida truly enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd set.

Upon finishing up the monkey humpers the right way, we went back for a *3rd set of Aiken Legs* before returning to the parking lot for MOM

• Mountain Goats
• Heels to heaven
• Susanne Sommers
Prayer requests for: @trevkeva’ father and mother (father having ill health), @traviscprater to find his next role, praise for @trevkeva’s son getting a job along with @trey.arrowood also securing a gig, and finally, for Murfreesboro, which like the rest of the country, seems to be going through some hard times with people needing God’s grace and strength.