Backblast from – jeremy.hemsworth

Yesterday, 7 PAX (@anttrain55 @dcs1009 @hawker.alex @bryan.e.thompson @traviscprater @silasgeorge) posted at #ao-clay-fortress for a fairly low-key workout. After a nice, literal warm-up, we grabbed our coupons and rifle carried to the shelter.

*The Thang*
Modified Bill Murray – 10 coupon squats, 10 curls, 10 merkins, 10 coupon incline merkins
Lap around the playground
Repeat 4x? (when it’s groundhogs day, you lose count!)

From there, we decided to do another lap of sorts around the playground — this time, we wove in some lunges with *5, 10, and 15 Bobby Hurleys*, moving up the ladder for each tree. We then stepped it down with *15, 10, and 5 Bobby Hurleys* on the way back to the shelter.

After that, we grabbed our coupons and chose a new adventure — the bleachers! We rifle carried over to our new area but we discovered an impromptu event — *the deer hunt* :deer:! We all embraced our hunter instincts :hocho: and at the prompting of @traviscprater, surrounded a helpless doe. From there, @silasgeorge led us as we descended on the pitiful creature, which barely made it over the fence to safety. After an unsuccessful hunt, we went hungry for the day (_Richard Attenborough voice_).

At last, we took advantage of the questionable bleachers and did some partnered bear crawls/crawl bears up them while one parter did SSH.

We then moved on to the porta johns where we did more coupon squats, curls, and military presses mixed in with sprints and the squatting jumping jacks (@silasgeorge for the name?).

Lastly, we ended with a few ab exercises — Heels to heaven, LBCs, etc.

COT: Prayer requests for @bryan.e.thompson and his baby on the way, @adamhall1831 and his wife for reconciliation, @silasgeorge’s wife’s acquaintance who was going down a dark path, and @traviscprater for success in his interviewing.