Backblast from – jeremy.hemsworth

12 HIMs posted at the #ao-the-square yesterday for a musical workout. We only had one casualty who was ambulatory and self-extracted – @ljordan627. The others present were: @trevkeva @jeremy.florida @dcs1009 @traviscprater @brian @silasgeorge @tim.purvis1 @jansenlong0427 @mace1699 @trey.arrowood

After a brief warm-a-rama, YHC informed the group that instead of a the F3 Workout Deck of Cards, that there was a special playlist prepared. We then moseyed over the the City Hall Amphitheater for the thang:

• *Eye of the tiger*
◦ Hold a plank, Merkin through the chorus
• *Ain’t No Mountain High Enough*
◦ Mountain climber, Peter Parker during chorus
• *Danger Zone*
◦ SSH, Burpee on Danger Zone
• *Around the World*
◦ Indian Run
• *Taking Care of business*
◦ Bear crawl across the circle, lunge walk back, Freddie mercury during chorus
• *You got the touch*
◦ Squats through the song, Jump squats or star jumpers during chorus
• *Flower by Moby*
◦ Bring sally up – legs up 45%, Bring sally down – 6 inches
• *Bicycle by Queen*
◦ LBCs interspersed with Freddie Mercurys during the chorus
Prayed for @jansenlong0427 who is recently engaged, @jeremy.florida who is traveling to the Carolinas, @jessepoarch who is sick, @ljordan627 who was injured, and @mace1699 who is moving to a better place on the farm.