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*Workout:* *`It’s All in the Cards!`*
#ao-bragg-isle 10 HIMs showed up, mostly on-time — @dcs1009 @silasgeorge @anttrain55 @trevkeva @jansenlong0427 @taylorkedwards @brian @traviscprater @tim.purvis1

Moseyed around the parking lot
Good mornings, don quixotes, daisy pickers, imperial walkers, hillbillies, seal claps, overhead arm claps — a full body warmup for whatever was in the cards

*The Thang*
• Indian Run to the children’s hospital w/5 merkins
• Once at the children’s hospital, we drew cards to decide our lot
• Bulgarian single leg squats
• merkins
• derkins
• high knees
• Slow squats
• Oblique crunches
• Little man in the woods (Army name for the munchkin SSH?)
We ended with a little M.O.M where we saw @silasgeorge’s Baby Got Back twerk, and Made sure our Hips Don’t Lie.

*Knowledge Dropped*
• During the Indian Run YHC butchered a> that I encourage folks to read — it highlights the need to appreciate the journey and not hurry to the destination like @anttrain55 recommended.
• During the exercise we learned about debt and interest from @anttrain55 and @silasgeorge (Romans 13:8) when we added 8% interest to our Merkins and High Knees
Plenty of time for mumble chatter and finding out about @anttrain55’s past as the O’Doyle-like bully of @traviscprater’ youth. Also, we learned that @trevkeva gets his name not from eating scraps, but in fact from his many backyard brawls where he carried his trusty switchblade.

*Prayer requests*
@traviscprater put his 2 weeks in and is starting a new job, @silasgeorge’s daughter is flying off to Nationals, and YHC’s sister who is looking for work and YHC who is deciding whether to hold them or fold them with the uncertainty of his current job.