Backblast from – jessepoarch

8 PAX posted for a nice sub freezing workout at The Square. @branrich ‘s absence led to an impromptQ by YHC. After a solo pre-party mile, lead the warm up round the courthouse while a few stragglers trickled in.

The thang:
Rack em’ stack em at the judiciary garage. Politicians up the ramp, mosey to the rally point, wall sit for the six
Basement: 15 release merks
1F: 25 monkey humpers, 15 release merks
2F: 35 WW2 situps, 25 monkeys, 15 release merks
3F/roof: 3 rounds of partner runs down and up stairs of garage while other partner wall sits.

Return to basement for remix.
Basement: 20 regular merks, 10 backboard touches.
MOT to rally point was burst sprints (5yd all you got, 5 yrd deceleration, rise & repeatx3)
1F: 20 Iron mikes easy way, 10 backboard touches, burst sprints
2F: 25 IC flutter kicks, 10 backboard touches, burst sprints
3F: 10 diamond merks, 10 squat jumps, 10 crunchy frogs, 1 all you got sprint across the top of deck.

Mosey back to start for COT, BoM. Prayers of thanks and need for @traviscprater interview rd2 today, thanks for @trevkeva 2.0 who starts their job today, and prayer needed for my mom who is moving here next week, but needs a short term rental or place to stay in the Boro.