Backblast from – jessepoarch

9 PAX braved the rain to remain disciplined at Bragg’s Isle. They were rewarded for their fortitude with a visit to Bragg’s headquarters/playground, where they could remain somewhat dry and groan in peace. Pop’s memorial Q was postponed for drier conditions conducive to audio equipment. He would have have hated for people to be out in the miserable weather anyways.

Warm-o-rama under the awning
Mosey to Bragg’s Headquarters
WCHS Abdominal workout made a grand return to much rejoicing.
25x25x25 quarter/half/full situps
25 in cadence flutters
25 in cadence scissor kicks
25 reverse situps
25 bicycles in cadence
25 Rocky’s
20 elbow to oppo knee, each side
1 min low, 1 min high, 1 min low plank
25 side bends, each side
25 alabama prom dates
25 merkins

Round of 20 count dips x 10 with 10 rest b/w each set

Mosey back to start. Early finishers rewarded with 25 squats and 25 monkey humpers.

Announcements: Christmas parade Sun. Plan to meet Coxswain in the prep parking lot not later than 1:30p if possible.

Prayers for Toe Jam, taking last test today for PA degree.

#ao-bragg-isle thanks to @silasgeorge @trevkeva @trey.arrowood @dcs1009 @jeremy.florida @brian @traviscprater @ljordan627 for showing up!