Backblast from – mayday

#ao-bragg-isle 8 HIMMs rolled in to foster a VQ one warm morning. Free men’s workout sponsored purchase of speaker.

*Get Warm*
10 4c SSHs
10 lil baby arm circles F/B
10 chain/bondage breakers
10 swimmers
10 daisy not cherry pickers
10 windmills?
10 1/2 burpees
10 lunge-twists
10 4c mountain climbers

*The Thang*
10 4c SSHs
10 merkins
10 squat-lunges
10 burpees or pull-ups
10 4c flutter kicks

Mosey to startex and sprint to finish

*Prayer Requests:
Health, safety, and strength to* @jeremy.florida*’s M for a the Friday induction and to strengthen his legs for the catch of one of Sky Q’s newest miracles.*

PAX: @silasgeorge @jessepoarch @anttrain55 @brian @traviscprater @trevkeva @jansenlong0427 @taylorkedwards