Backblast from – silasgeorge

#ao-clay-fortress 5 man trickled into the parking lot around 6am. Better late than never!
Warm up laps around the parking lot followed by some excercises to get the blood flowing. Also did a yoga variant of the Tebow stretch reaching to the sky.
We moved to the oval and continued with Iditarod’s theme and covered core exercises as we made our way around.
First was 10 Peter Parker Merkins at “every” tree on the left.
Next loop was 20 flutter kicks in cadence followed by a set of other ab exercises. Along the way, we inspected the new art installment at the off shoot sodeway with a cul-de-sac at the end.
The flutter kicks really got our hip flexors more than our abs, so we lunge walked a bit to stretch those out.
Added a lap around and finished it up with some hip stretches.
Prayers for @brian’s daughter to get a scholarship to some big named school in the state to our south.
Prayers for @traviscprater as he might finally hear about a job.
Prayers for @mace1699 and his move coming up to the family farm in Mt Juliet.