Backblast from – silasgeorge

#ao-the-square 10 dudes showed up for a group effort led workout orchestrated by YHC.
After warm-up laps around the courthouse followed by warm-o-rama excercises, we moseyed over to the Plaza.

We had a grenade workout where each PAX threw out an excercise then ran over to the statue and back.
First round was upper body excercises.
Once everyone had called one and run, we had a plank Commander’s “run” where we all planked while the caboose bear crawled to the front for only one turn around. Then moseyed back to the speaker.

Second round was lower body. This was followed by a similar Commander’s “run” where we all tree-held squat while the caboose lunge walked to the front. Thanks to the music and @trevkeva pointed out it looked like a dance line all the PAX proceeded to add some dance movements to their lunge on their turn. Pandora decided to save PYT for Scraps!

Final round of grenade was core exercises with a slightly shorter distance to get through everyone.

On the way back to the square, I think @jessepoarch was the only one who joined me with arms above head while moseying.

PAX: @branrich @brian @jessepoarch @taylorkedwards @jansenlong0427 @jeremy.hemsworth @tim.purvis1 @trevkeva @dcs1009 and YHC(@silasgeorge)

Tax weekend cookout at @jeremy.hemsworth residence
Nashville 24-hour CSAUP is this Sat 3/25 where you can sign up for a 2-hour time slot to join at least 1 more PAX for movement during that time.

Dark Roast’s M and baby need to make it to induction on Friday without complications.
Red Rider should find out this week about the new job.
Grohl had a physical which get more stressful as you get older.
Toe Jam’s baby’s cyst.