Backblast from – silasgeorge

We had a solid 9 PAX out before the rain started at #ao-clay-fortress, including @matthewgmcdaniel’s 2.0 FNG who was named Baby Ruth!

Warmup laps followed by warmup exercises.

Indigenous people’s run with 3 squats to the back tennis court parking lot.

Set of 7s across the parking spaces. World’s worst merkins to start, bear crawls across the spaces and squat jumps on the other then crawl bears back.

Indigenous people run to the usual tennis courts for a progressive 4 corners.
1st corner = 5 burpees
2nd corner = 10 jump squats
3rd corner = 15 merkins
4th corner = 20 LBCs
Run to 1st corner and back, then second corner and back to start, then 3rd and 4th while stopping at each corner for the designated exercise going both directions.
Totaling to 35 burpees, 50 jump squats, 45 merkins, and 20 LBCs.

Mosey to shelter/large gazebo/pavilion or whatever the technically correct name is for a round of dips.
Mosey back to cars for COT.

Announcements: 2nd F lunch on Friday the 13th. Location to be selected and I can’t remember where @dcs1009 suggested.
New AOs coming soon.

Prayers: @jeremy.hemsworth made it past 1st round of layoffs but not in the clear yet.
@hawker.alex’s M is driving by herself to/from Birmingham today. Pray for her driving and his nerves.
Toe Jam’s exam results.
@silasgeorge’s little brother (Luke) started his pre-deployment to Texas yesterday then heads to North Africa in February for 9 months. Prayer for him leading his engineering unit and for his M at home with 2 shorties.

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