Backblast from – traviscprater

6HIMs showed up for the coldest workout this year. To get a little pre-Christmas work in.

This was a modified workout to account for mobility and grip due to the layers needed.

Shoutout to @brian @silasgeorge @branrich @hawker.alex @dcs1009 @pits for showing up and staying out till the end. Also shout out to Brasshorn for their hospitality and coffee even with the power outage. @jeremy.florida

The workout:

Tabata Method to keep us moving.

30 seconds on/ 10 count for rest

Coupon Curls
KettleBell swings
Goblet Squats
Suitcase lifts
Elf on the shelf’s

Song triggered a workout:

Run Rudolf Run: Mosey to keep moving

Jingle Bell Rock: Jingle Balls

Please come home for Christmas: coupon rifle carry-5 burpee penalty.

Plus there were some burpees and Star Jumps thrown in to keep the heart pumping and your body moving.

I worried myself about the weather all week, and this proved the saying right.

“There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.”