Backblast from – trevkeva

Valentines Q and the start of The Scrapyard week.

Warmup lap w/o YHC cuz I couldn’t find my pants and my contact ripped.

But the Namesake Q was there for the Warm-a-Rama.

The Thang:

A modified Cooper.
10 Burpees, 10 hard way Iron Mikes, 10 WWIs followed by a courthouse lap.

Then repeat for 9,8,7….1.

Those waiting for the 6 did some hand-release Merkins, squats, and half sit-ups.

Finished with a modified Circle of Fire or whatever it’s callled (How you people say take turns calling out an excercise). Pax provided an ab excercise of no less than 15 reps. While all others did that excercise- that pax did hand release merkins.

Eating food from the trash is all about having an eye for redemption. We are quick to throw people away like our food. But God redeems even the hardest cases. Be an agent of that redemption today…and go ahead and pull that last bit of pizza crust it nub of that hot dog out of the garbage at Costco. It’s not about not having $1.50 to get one yourself- it’s about whether you believe God redeems people. The Bible tells us to eat food from trash cans. Like that time Ezekiel has to cook his meal over somebodies crap. Now that I think about it. Food from the trash is pretty much hand sanitizer compared to a poo-smoked meal.

Prayers for Turkey Syria earthquake victims, @jeremy.florida 2.0 coming in April, and perhaps someone else.