Backblast from – trevkeva

12 (I think) For a wet & sweaty one in the rain.

Went straight into warm-a-Rama with no trip round the courthouse. Then moseyed to the bottom of the Vine St Hill.

Following performed 3x

20 Release Merkins (RM)
Bear crawl 2 light poles
20 Star jumps (SJ)
Cherry picker 2 poles
20 RM
Crab walk 2 poles
20 SJ
Mosey back down hill

Calf raises while waiting on the 6

The. Back to the square for a couple of pre-vacs.

Finished with some Ab work under courthouse cover and back out into the rain for 50 monkey humpers.

Announcements: 2nd F lunch on the 13th. Location TBD.

Prayer: my son Micah a job. @silasgeorge brother Luke deployed to Africa.

Was a pleasure gentlemen. Proud of and grateful all of you.

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