Backblast from – trevkeva


Pax- @dcs1009 @anttrain55 @brian @traviscprater @jeremy.hemsworth @trevkeva @jessepoarch @trey.arrowood @hawker.alex

In the parking deck for a cold, rainy one

After warm a Rama-

4 songs on 4 levels.

Lovely Day- LBCs until words “Lovely Day” triggers a merkin

Blame It On the Rain- (Milli Vanilli) had some Pax ignorant of this pop duo and their early 90s Grammy controversy. Squats then a Burpee for every use of “Blame”

UB40- (not from down under or Alabama) Red Red Wine- Ohno’s for song until “Red” then 2 Iron Mikes

They Don’t Really Care About Us- from the KoP. Monkey Humpers in honor of Bubbles- MJs pet, and then Star Jump for every use of title.

Moseyed up a level between each one, the. Back to start for a repeat of Lovely Day

Prayed for @trey.arrowood am who starts new job tomorrow. See him for all your Shelbyville oriented orthopedic needs. Then prayer for @jessepoarch who travels Thursday with his M to visit the site of his Dads death as a part of the grieving process.