Backblast from – trey.arrowood

#ao-clay-fortress 2/18/2023. Birthday Q. I didn’t keep track of who all was there because I’m a rookie. So if I leave you out I’m sorry. I remember @silasgeorge @jeremy.florida @brian @taylorkedwards @traviscprater @jeremy.hemsworth @trevkeva and @weedwacker joined us from F3 Spring Hill I believe.

After a warm-a-Rama that I butchered we began the day of rifle carrying with our coupons. @brian had some cool iron man heated gloves. @traviscprater “helped” me with my Q.

Rifle carry to tennis court parking lot. Partner Up. Your partner exercises while you MOT, then you chase your partner while rifle carrying.
• Texas prom dates x31 +MOT – bear crawls
• Side bends x31 each side +MOT – crab walk
• Bicep Curls x31 +MOT – lunge walks
Rifle carry to sidewalk loop by flag pole.
• Coupon SLDL x31 (12 per leg) + MOT – squat side walk.
• American Hammers x31 + MOT – angry bear crawl.
Rifle carry to bike path by road.
• 6 inch coupon press x31 + MOT – squat side walk the other direction.
• Step Up offset Merkins with coupon x31 + MOT walk while tricep press with coupon
Rifle carry halfway back. Bicep curl the other half.

Finished with round of ab workout of your choice.

No prayers or praises, I think…. Coffeeteria thanks to Coxswain.