Backblast from –

Had a great turnout for the first Murph Monday.
@silasgeorge @jeremy.hemsworth @trevkeva @taylorkedwards @hawker.alex YHC @traviscprater and a FNG named @pilgrim, Jeremy Young.

A little mosey- with politicians, toy soldiers, left and right slides.
YHC always messes up the count but we continued on:
Good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes
Baby Arm circles
Mike Phelps
Over head arm claps
Imperials Walkers

The Murph:
@silasgeorge led us to the playground and gave us a layout of the run.

Each loop is a .5 Mile
Started out with half mile run came back and broke the workout in to 10 sets of 10 Pull-ups, 20 Merkins, and 30 air squats.

As a group we ran and completed the sets.
.5 mile run
3 sets of the movements
.5 mile run
3 sets of movements
End up roughly a half Murph.

Mosey back to start for name-a-Rama and prayer request.

Prayer Request: @hawker.alex was back, it was great to see him. Praying for his health.

The COT does not end just at the end of the workout. We are here for anyone who needs it.

F3 is growing: Manchester starting up, new AOs here.

As I type this I’m hold with new job, complications with onboarding, so pray it goes smoother from here.

Announcements: April 15th tax day F3 cookout.