Backblast 11/24/22

Smoked 17 Turkeys for a Thanksgiving Day Workout.

3 for a pre-party. Thankful for @adamhall1831 sharing with @jessepoarch and YHC about why he showed up to F3. We told him God wants him at City Church.

Took a yog with politicians, stuffing shuffles, cranberry pickers, and Turkey soldiers

Then we picked cranberries out of the water, remembered Louis Armstrong’s ungrateful brother- Willie, and gobbled our way to the Thang.

The Thang:
GOBBLE!!!!! With a partner. 8 teams with @anttrain55 merging with his 2.0- FNG Grapple (pie).

One ran the island loop. The other stayed behind to work on the following

Groiners- 50 per team
Overhead claps- 200 per team
Bonnie Blairs- 150 per team (the hardway)
Burpees- 100 per team
(I’m grateful we switched this number with the overhead claps…or we might still be out there!)
LBCs- 250 per team
E2K- 300 (glad we could help each other out here)

Each HIM expressed gratitude to SkyQ and we finished with a prayer.

Welcome to FNG Grapple!

Great to see @matthewgmcdaniel back!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!