Backblast 11/26

We had 9 PAX this morning at #ao-clay-fortress who inflated and deflated some BLIMPS after a good warm up loop around the parking lot and excercises while the ninjas appeared with their masks.

We moseyed to the oval to start the BLIMPS by adding an exercise at each end of the ellipse.
Burpees x5
Lunge x10 (L/R = 1, not 10!)
Incline Merkins x15 (tall guys can use the table according to @jeremy.florida AKA Peppermint Mocha for the next month)
Mountain climber x20
Plank jacks x 25
Side straddle hops x30

We attempted to pick up 2 FNGs (or we might start calling them Muddle Puddles at their first post now) who were running but they stopped for “push-ups” so we joined them.

All excercises were completed just in time.

December 11th Christmas Parade – starting point is the parking lot across from Greek Row on Rutherford Blvd. Order is based on arrival time. We talked about pulling a truck but @dcs1009 recommended we not scare anyone away by being too intense! Unless someone else wants to use their truck, we’ll plan to use my Black Beast. I’m printing business cards today and @traviscprater is getting candy canes.

Prayer requests:
Pray that @adamhall1831 aka Buckshot for today, has a safe and successful hunting outing with a 15 year old (not for 15 years).

@Grapple @jeremy.florida (Peppermint Mocha) @adamhall1831 @dcs1009 @traviscprater @trey.arrowood @anttrain55 @trevkeva YHC- @silasgeorge

PS- friendly wager for the attending UT and Vandy fans was to wear the winning team’s merchandise! We’ll see if the jump suit works again this week.